FAQs - Frequently asked questions

The Career Consultation session involves two things

  1. overall guidance from a career standPoint. For Example You want to be a Data Scientist. So what is the optimized Path ? and who can be better to give the path other than the guy who already cracked it. A Data scientist professional.
  2. You want to crack a particular firm and get job in there. For Example ZS , so we will get you connected with some-one who is in a senior position in ZS who has already cracked it. He will guide you and make sure that you reach your goal

 An interviewer get assigned according to the field of interest the person has or the company he is targeting to get into. We provide the interviewer accordingly. Our Interviewer experience is aligned to the person's interest.

Once a suitable interviewer is selected, we share the complete profile of the interviewer. We believe that knowing your interviewer is of utmost importance. It inculcates trust and belief about the guidance, you are about to receive. You can go through the profile, achievements, and journey of the mentor and even opt for a different mentor if you wish. Suppose you want to get into a company and you need a mentor from the same company then we have that option as well you are allowed to choose your interviewer as per your choice.

You might be thinking: “I want to purchase mock interviews but Is imock the best platform?” We understand your confusion. We don’t want you to spend your interview preparation time on researching best platforms. Hence, we prepared a comparison of best platforms here, so that you can focus on things that matter the most. So, you can just go through the services we provide in one package we provide interview recordings, feedback and study links from where you can improve your skills. We also test your speaking skills and try to build your confidence in that aspect as well. So, we are not just technical interview solution we are overall personality development solution.

Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company. — Tony Hsieh. We resonate with this statement one hundred percent. This is the reason why we have a money-back guarantee for all our packages. If you take any of our programs and don’t like the quality, simply let us know. We will refund your entire amount. No questions asked. No time limit.

Now a days most of the Interviews involves a Group Discussion Round. 

And Guess what Almost 90% of candidates fail at this point because of lack of practise and a  nerve-wracking GD environment.

So our GD Session is a real Time GD practise session with candidates you don't know. This creates the real environment and helps candidates to face it and ace it just only after few sessions 🙂

We have More than 50 mentors Currently working with us Part Time and Full Time. If you want to become a mentor You can fill the form here.

We will get back to you as soon as possible and after a small compatibility check we can onboard you and you can start guiding hundreds of students everyday