Overcome The Fear OF GDs
Group Discussion Practise

In Group Discussion Probablity of success is only 20%, So Practise in real GDs environment is very Important Get personalized feedback to improve and ACE IT

What will you get?

A Batch of 6-8 students

High Quality Topics
Just Like Real GDs

3 Group Discussion Sessions
at just Rs 300.
We believe Perfection in GDs can never be achieved by 1 or 2 session it require rigorous Practice

Group Discussion Session as per Specific requirement
Campus Hiring | MBA | AFCAT | SSC or Any Other Specific Structure based GD


Detailed & Genuine Feedback

What does this package help you with?

Mock Interview

GD According to The requirements

Every organization That conduct a GD has different behavioural expectations. Our GDs are structured as per your Requirement 

Mock Interview

Experienced Moderators

Our Moderators are Industry Veterans and they Understand the requirement of company and hence can guide you the right way 

Complete Interview Preparation

Real Time Practise and Ice Breaking

GD Environment can be nerve wracking. The real time practise can help you fight off the spine tingling anxiety and you can ACE your GD

Complete Interview Preparation

Honest Constructive Feedback

Our Moderator will help you on how to Improve and give you constructive feedbacks. We believe by doing these 3 sessions you can easily crack any GD.

How does this work?


Fill up the form and book a Group Discussion session

We use your details to understand Your Requirement and make a batch of like-minded students 

We finalise a Date for Group Discussion Session

We schedule the Group Discussion session over Google Meet with all the students and a highly experienced Moderator

Have 20 Minutes GD Session

Current Package Involves 3 GD Session at just Rs 300. We believe that you can crack a GD only after alot of practise. We are with you.

Work on the feedback and observe notable difference

Observe improvement in your Group Discussion Skills working on the feedback. We’ll be waiting to see succeed in your actual Group Discussion soon!

Why choose us?

Rs. 299

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