Want To Study Abroad For
Higher Education?

Talk With a Professional from India Working in Abroad. We have mentors From Your Exact Branch and Exact Field of study

What will you get in study abroad package?

Consulting from Professional Working Abroad

1 hour Consulting Session

How To Prepare and ACE IELTS , GRE , GMAT

How To manage expenses ? How To get Scholarships

How to get best Placements

Get all your Queries Resolved

What does this package help you with?

Complete Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation Strategy

Your mentor will conduct a goal planning session to come up with a personalised preparation curriculum for you

Consulting Session

Problem Solving & Key Concepts

Your mentor will help you build strong problem solving abilities and understand key interview concepts using mock interviews

Complete Interview Preparation

Strong Interview Skills

Your mentor will help you to build strong interview skills by sharing feedback & actionable tips after every session

Consulting Session

Interview Readiness

Your mentor will help you to be interview ready using a series of mock interview sessions (3 sessions). You will be ready to ace every interview

How does this work?


Fill up the form and book a mock interview session

We use your details like experience, domain, and target companies to find a perfect interviewer for you.

We finalise a real-life Interviewer and schedule a session for you

We schedule your mock interview session over Google Meet with an interviewer from one of your target companies.

Have a 1 hour Mock Interview Session

The interviewer simulates a real-life interview over 45 mins. The interviewer will then spend the next 15 mins to provide you a genuine feedback on your performance.

Work on the feedback and observe notable difference

Observe improvement in your technical & interview skills by working on the feedback. We’ll be waiting to see succeed in your actual interview soon!

Why have an expert Interviewer as your mentor?

Rs. 1999

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